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Critica provides unique consultant led solutions that identify business processes requiring optimisation and software solutions, which result in increased profitability.

We utilise proven Lean Six Sigma business practices that quantify areas of weakness within a business and provide dynamic solutions that maximise process efficiency.

Our solutions, based upon FileMaker technology, provide a platform that is perfectly suited to workplace innovation. We create custom solutions that are flexible and can be rapidly tested and deployed into any working environment.

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At the Forefront

Our success is well represented within the joinery industry, where our combined Lean Six Sigma experience and our FileMaker development solutions have been deployed to businesses that are now transformed in terms of streamlining and profitability.

The framework that Critica provides allows for an optimised set of automated processes that are continually evolving to match business needs. The power of Lean Six Sigma combined with the FileMaker framework is essential to leverage a competitive business advantage.

Our solution fully automates managing sales enquiries, salespeople visiting client prospects, measuring windows & doors, generating quotes, confirming orders, customer deposit invoicing, conducting detailed site surveys, producing manufacturing specifications, order confirmations, producing manufacturing instructions, scheduling fitting, order completion and final invoicing.

We rapidly transform a business into a streamlined set of automated processes, all the time providing the flexibility to make changes and refinements as business requirements change. This provides the ideal, longterm framework to perfectly support any business.

Critica’s Joinery Solution is available in a range of synergised modules and is provided as open source. This allows customers to purchase solutions at an affordable budget and add further modules as their company grows. 

As open source, it also means that as well as employing our services to configure the solution to each individual client’s way of working, it’s also possible to engage alternate FileMaker developers, or configure the system in-house.